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Quick Doc

Simply curl to see a small reminder/documentation on how to use the service.


One of the main goal of goploader is the ease of use. That's also why the goploader server doesn't use a JSON API, to guarantee that any user can upload files painlessly.

You can use this service without a client, simply by issuing curl commands.

Upload the file named myfile.txt

$ curl -F file=@myfile.txt

Change the name of the file to "myamazingfile!"

$ curl -F name="myamazingfile!" -F file=@myfile.txt

Upload from stdin

$ tree | curl -F file=@-

Upload a file from stdin

$ curl -F file=@- < myfile.txt

Specify the lifetime of your file

$ curl -F file=@- -F duration=1w < myfile.txt

Specify that the file is visible only once

$ curl -F file=@- -F once="true" < myfile.txt

Lifetime options

See the Client/Documentation for more information about the possible values of the duration field.

File Manager Integration

If you want, you can add an entry to the contextual menu of your file manager to upload a file. The trick is to use the .desktop files and to copy the returned URL to your clipboard once the file is uploaded. Here is an example goploader.desktop that you can put in your ~/.local/share/file-manager/actions/ directory :

[Desktop Entry]
Type = Action
Tooltip = Upload file on Goploader
Name = Upload on Goploader...
Profiles = goploader_onfile;

[X-Action-Profile goploader_onfile]
MimeTypes = all/allfiles;
SelectionCount = =1
Exec = curl -F file=@%d/%b | xclip


You will need xclip to copy the returned URL to your clipboard.